NINA at Work - June 2014

NINA blog: Team Spirit

“Here in Qatar, we are dredging an access channel to a new port for the Coast Guard. There are three unique conditions: the substratum is harder than we have ever encountered before; the temperature here can climb to more than 50° C, and we are working under time pressure.

Involved subcontractors in Australia

Thanks to NINA training courses, there is a high level of involvement in the Ichthys project by subcontractors. The result: openness, effective cooperation, and a satisfied customer.

NINA blog: Making well-considered choices

“This year, the Constructor made its second trip to West Africa. In Gabon, we installed flexible tie-inns on the ocean floor at a depth of 80 meters for Emas. In Congo, we linked a steel cable to a chain on the ocean floor at a depth of 170 meters for Vaalco. Both projects were carried out to the client's complete satisfaction."

Greater interaction thanks to NINA

At the oldest MAERSK oilfield in the North Sea, Boskalis Offshore Subsea Services is working on a three-year renovation plan of the 40-year-old oil extraction platform ‘DAN-A’.