NINA was recently also introduced at Smit Equipment Management (SEM) in Rotterdam. When asked about the NINA Do-It training, team leader Richard den Outer replied,

"At first I thought, 'Safety training? AGAIN?' But now I have to say, I wasn't bored for a minute. Usually, you just get a list of rules, but this time it really applied to us: it was about taking responsibility, working together, and alerting each other to unsafe practices. I was already doing the third one, but I learned that if you say it in a different tone of voice, you can really get someone to stop and think. You need to work within the rules and decide on the spot how to get the project done as safely as possible. It's a different way of looking at safety, but I do believe in it. When you give people more responsibility, they rise to the occasion."

SEM is responsible for the storage and maintenance of diving equipment for Subsea Services and SMIT Salvage.

SEM's NINA goals are:

  • Working together effectively in an open atmosphere.
  • Aiming to create an environment in which wearing PPE is is considered normal.
  • Continuing to communicate and alerting each other to unsafe practices.