NINA at Work - April 2014

NINA Blog: from brainwave to human hands

“As a member of MDD, I am involved in projects where movement and forces of the sea play a role. I want to help ensure that we, as Boskalis, remain at the forefront. That means that we must find answers to new challenges. In doing so, we sometimes look on the edges of the technically possible: where are the opportunities?

Eye opener with blindfold

NINA Experience with SAAone road construction project, Amsterdam.

NINA Blog: NINA connects cultures

“We work with 45 people, our own personnel and local people, off the Brazilian coast. They are all acquainted with NINA. When you are used to talking about safety in terms of procedures, NINA requires a bit of a switch.

NINA DO-IT training

A NINA Do-It training was given on board the Taklift 6 for all 15 crew members and eight colleagues from the Union Sapphire.