NINA lives, NINA inspires and NINA eliminates obstacles!

In early July, Boskalis commemorated NINA's first year. Numerous projects and offices celebrated the birthday of the program that, in a short time, has produced a revolution in thinking about safety. Thanks to NINA, safety is tackled on the basis of shared values rather than being imposed using rules and procedures. One year after the launch, it was time to take stock Boskalis-wide. In Papendrecht, a short, well-attended meeting was organized, complete with NINA cake, wall panels with inspiring statements and a resounding speech from CEO Peter Berdowski.

‘Exactly a year ago, we launched our new safety program NINA: No Injuries, No Accidents. NINA aims to establish a safety culture based on shared values in which people consult with each other about safety in an open and active way. The program is based on the view that safety is a core value of this company. It is a program with clear values and concrete rules. When I see how NINA has now become an integral part of our thinking and, above all, our behavior, it is impossible to imagine that we've only been going one year. These days, I regularly hear people saying things like "This isn't NINA", "NINA says you can't do this anymore" or "Let's have a NINA moment.’

Open dialogue
‘With NINA, it's become easier to discuss safety issues with one another and to call each other to account, at all levels of the organization. And that's exactly what we wanted to achieve. As we talk, more than 1300 colleagues from five continents have had NINA training. Our big achievement over the past year has been to establish a culture in which we now ask these questions and have an open dialogue with one another about them.’

Boskalis family
‘My thinking about NINA is that watching out for your colleagues should be just as important and natural as it would be for your own family. When I do something at home with my two sons aged 13 and 15, I let them get on with some jobs but I always keep an eye on things. My sons can hammer and saw, but the chainsaw is my responsibility! That's natural when it comes to your family, and it's equally natural in the Boskalis family: we care about one another, and we look after one another. That's what it's all about!

Looking back at the past year, I can see we have achieved a lot in this area in particular. When I visit landfills or ships, colleagues tell me about the ideas they have for making improvements and they ask for support. That means that NINA lives, that NINA is inspiring people and, above all, that NINA is eliminating obstacles. So I'm optimistic about the future with NINA and I am confident that we can move ahead even further using this fantastic platform. We can be proud of what we've achieved. So there is every reason to celebrate NINA's birthday with one another. Many happy returns!’

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