NINA at work March 2016

Finding each other in Australia

Boskalis Offshore Energy arranged the transportation of the immensely large modules for building two LNG compression trains in Western Australia.
All involved were given NINA training.

Fear in their eyes

Chris Lacroix, Operations Manager BOMS and Fairmount Marine
“When I was sailing as a mate on our AHTS vessels the ‘Stop the job’ policy was implemented. People had mixed feelings about it: wonderful, but would it be feasible with the current operational and commercial pressures?


The SHOC card is an important tool for addressing dangerous situations. It is designed to encourage all parties to take responsibility for their actions.
How can we encourage the correct use of SHOC cards?


In February, Board Member Theo Baartmans introduced the Mooring
Workbox: “One wrong maneuver while mooring or unmooring can have a huge
impact. Eliminating these risks is therefore a top priority.”

Compromising to look our for each other

Henk Kuiper, captain of the trailing suction hopper dredger, the Shoalway
“We have a crew of eight men, which can get intensive. Looking at safety issues, we comply with everything based on NINA. But it’s a challenge; with so few men, constantly watching out for each other.