NINA at work January 2016

Nina during drydock periods

Eugene Van Dodeweerd, Director Fleet Management Offshore: “In our daily work we are confronted with circumstances whereby differences in culture, understanding and interpretation impact safe working and the associated dilemmas we all know. During dry-docking and repair periods, these differences in interpretations are realized for our project managers, superintendents and crew."

My commitment to Nina:

‘‘I promise that action will be taken on all safety matters that are brought to my notice.’

Pradeep Chawla, Managing Director of QHSE and Training at Anglo Eastern: “When I was working as a cadet, some guys made a bet who would dare to climb the mast wire. One of them did go up, even though some of us protested. At a height of five meters he got tired, fell down and was severely injured."

Running bright

How a near-miss with a runner sparked action

One dark afternoon, Project Engineer Josien Maessen was driving home through heavy traffic from Head Office. All of a sudden, a group of dark figures were crossing the road ahead: the Boskalis runners’ group. Right in front of her car, one of them had stopped and was checking his watch. “I only saw him at the very last minute!”

From inspection to dialog

Peter Klip, Business Unit Manager Area West: “When I carry out a management inspection, I don’t use a checklist from Q-Aid. I engage in dialog, because I really want to find out what’s going on. I don’t have to say a lot: people talk passionately about their work anyway. Five years after the launch of NINA, I can see that they really do think about safety and are proud to demonstrate how they act on it in their day-to-day work."

Learning from each other at NINA training

In the Fall of 2015, the former MNO management team became acquainted with NINA. Two of the participants tell us more.

Jorrit Smeets, Director (Concrete Specialist):

Learning from each other at NINA training

Wim Lodewikus, SAAone Project Manager:

“When you’re on your break, you should be able to talk about safety just as easily as talking about football."