NINA at work February 2016


Since NINA’s launch in June 2015, there have been five NINA training sessions for employees from all departments. Time for an evaluation: What have we achieved? How do we proceed? To help decide, a management reflection session was held in December.

That is not ‘nina-proof’...

Pieter Verbiest, Fleet Manager Team F:
“That’s not ‘NINA-proof’ is something I get to hear occasionally when there’s a job to be done. And that was when I thought that I was well on the way to understanding NINA."

“We feel that we count.”

Maar van Oord and Ben Bel
In the months ahead, all former MNO professionals in concrete, earthwork and asphalt, will receive NINA training. Engineer Ben Bel and director Maar van Oord took part in the February 9 session. Both described the training as valuable, and for the same reason: openness.

Nina start up for installation v-sat

This year the German-Italian company Telemar will install FleetXpress communication equipment on board all 104 staffed units. In preparation, a NINA Start-up was organised, including the technicians.

Be aware of safety

Frank Berrens Senior Project Manager,
and Lieke van Hoven SHE-Q, Dolwin III project.

Frank: “Everything you give attention to grows. With that in mind, we’ve introduced NINA all to stakeholders: client TenneT, EPIC contractors GE (previously Alstom) and Nordic Yards. We organized various NINA kickoff sessions with them, and this has been widely appreciated."