Co-operation and focus on safety deliver result

Tjalling de Bruin, Offshore Execution Manager - Malampaya Phase 3, SHELL Philippines Exploration (SPEX) BV:

“Co-operation with Boskalis in relation to HSSE has been good, with the right level of information being shared and robust challenge where necessary. Boskalis’ HSSE performance has been very good so far.”

In the West Philippine Sea Boskalis Offshore is installing an off shore depletion compression platform for SHELL. The new built multi purpose vessel Ndeavor has been equipped for this task. Apart from the logistical and operational challenges, safety is high on everyone’s agenda.

Sharing of information
In accordance with the NINA Values, Boskalis Offshore embraces an open culture. As a result there is great emphasis on the sharing of information, both internal and external. Tjalling de Bruin: “Resolution of HSSE issues has been responsive. Boskalis actively accepted the introduction of the SHELL Life Saving Rules and Construction Site Safety Standards and specified there were no gaps between these and their own HSSE-management system. NINA (No Injuries, No Accidents) is very aligned with our Goal Zero (No Harm, No Leaks).”

Individual responsibility

Having learned what NINA is about , Tjalling de Bruin says: “The emphasis on individual responsibility is one of the strengths of the programme. It allows a common approach to safety and embeds a culture focusing on people.” This delivers result: “Boskalis’ HSSE performance has been very good so far. Boskalis management system is such that it requires identification and assessment of all hazards associated with their work. This may take the form of a HAZID workshop, or a JHA. Once hazards are assessed the relevant control measures are put in place. Typically this has been the case and to date this has worked well with the majority of work done incident free. Of those incidents occurring in the project all have been investigated satisfactorily and measures put in place to prevent recurrence.”


The Malampaya gas field in the West Philippine Sea provides 30% of the country, including the capital Manilla, with power. To increase the pressure in the existing pipe line, SHELL needed an off shore depletion compression platform (dcp) to be installed. Safety standards are high because of the risks involved. The company has selected Boskalis Offshore for this complex project. The new built multi purpose vessel Ndeavor has been equipped for this task with a Dynamic Position DP2 installation. The vessel is a rockdumper and a cutterdredger at the same time.

The innovative way the Ndeavor has been equipped has given a few struggles at the start, resulting in unexpected maintenance. The crew takes this very seriously. This is also shown in the way they handle the SHOC-card system, says Tjalling de Bruyn: “On the Ndeavor, the behavioural observation system (SHOC) used is relatively unique in that each and every card submitted results in at least one corrective action. Whilst card numbers are typically low, having this approach results in positive action to address any specific shortfall.”
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