Client Prumo Recognition Diploma

In 2016 we can be proud of what we achieved in our Porto do Açu Project, we have executed a range of activities in line with Brazilian laws, using locally-charted equipment and local employees who, of course have less experience with this works than our Boskalis international colleagues. At peak times, there were more than 450 people at work on site, with more than 20 different nationalities. And so, as a project team, we put a strong focus on sound internal communication and safety in particular.

NINA played an important role on this project . With the NINA Project Rewards & Recognition Program, NINA ZAT (Zero Accident Teams) Inspections, NINA Kick Off & NINA Workbox Sessions & NINA Impulse sessions, in all Project units, we pulled out all the stops to guarantee safety and we were successful: We worked more than 3.5million man-hours without a single LTI!

That is perhaps our greatest achievement on this Project and it was possible only thanks to the full commitment of all people working on the project since 2011.

Our Client Prumo has recognized this remarkable Team Work, and the Head of the Safety department, Vinicius Silva awarded Boskalis with a Recognition Diploma by the “Health and Safety at work Excellent Commitment and Performance in the project Porto do Açu implantation”.